Palm Tree Removal in Los Angeles

How the Experts Undertake Palm Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Palm trees abound in Los Angeles. They are an iconic symbol of the southwestern coast. Although many of them have a majestic appearance, some may cause problems. There are different reasons for removing palm trees, but it is always sad to see them cut down.  The taller they are, the more care has to be taken in the removal of them. As there are over 2,500 of these trees, not all will cause problems in their removal. Some are small enough it grow in a pot, others don’t reach more than six feet in height. It is a very tall species that can grow up to 190 ft. that are more likely to be difficult to remove. For us, at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service, it is part of your work and so we would like to tell you a little about palm tree removal in Los Angeles.

Do You Need Permission?

It may be necessary to obtain a permit to remove a palm tree. Some are protected species and can’t just be cut down. Permission from your local authority may be necessary. Check out what species it is before approaching the authorities. Your intention of cutting down a palm that infringes on another person’s property may be a bone of contention with your neighbor. If that is so, talk to your neighbors before taking any action.

Palm Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Relocation of a Tree

Sometimes a perfectly healthy tree has to be removed for some reason. Instead of cutting it down and killing it, try the relocation option. That way digging around the base of the tree will preserve its root system.

Can You Safety Do It Yourself?

Any palm tree around man height should be easy to remove by yourself but anything over that should be dealt with by professional arborists. Professionals always cut off the fronds, which removes much of its weight and makes it easier to handle, whether moving to another place or getting rid of it entirely.

Direction Of Felling

One important factor in felling a tree is where it should fall. Professionals take great care to avoid danger to people and damage to property. The taller trees are cut down by section. Access to the tree is also a prime consideration.

The Actual Cutting

Professionals cut out a wedge from the trunk. First, they make one horizontal cut about a quarter of the way through the trunk and then another angled cut from above to meet that. Then a horizontal cut is made from the other side of the tree to meet the first. That way the tree falls in the direction of the wedge.


To complete the job, the stump should be removed. This is done to stop the roots from regenerating. This can be done by various methods but digging or grinding is the most common.

The Professionals

We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service deal with palm tree removal in Los Angeles as part of our service. We have the experience and the correct equipment to do the work. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.