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2022 Landscaping Trends Your Local California Tree Service Business Will Follow

Ok, we are already in the New Year and you have made your resolutions and plans for the year. So, what about your garden? People who love and take pride in their gardens always want to improve them. Unfortunately, most people don’t get round to thinking about their gardens until the days are long and warm. They want to enjoy them, but landscaping and other improvements can disrupt the harmony you find in them. It is best to start thinking of this now before the season turns and the blooms come out. For that reason, we at Castillo Landscaping Tree Service would like to suggest some of the coming trends for the next season. Our tree service business deals with all aspects of gardening, not just tree management.

Drought Resistant Plants

Unfortunately, California has problems with droughts. These are unpredictable and cause water shortages, which isn’t good for your plant life. Restrictions on water use can cause damage to your plants and flowers. So, instead of having many withered plants in your garden, why not plant more drought-resistant species?

Grow Your Own Vegetables

On the same subject, many people are turning to vegetable patches in their gardens. Drought has the effect of increasing the prices of vegetables. You can plant many of your favorite vegetables so you never run out. Of course, this isn’t all about saving money. Eating your own homegrown produce has a ‘feel good’ benefit too.

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On the Dark Side

One way of putting more color into your garden isn’t just about planting more vibrant and colorful flowers. You can get the same effect without doing that. Planting dark foliage plants around the bright blooms that you already have will have the effect of highlighting them. The colorful blooms will stand out from the dark background.

More Outdoor Living

Moving your summer living to the outside. Many nature lovers are creating areas within their gardens that are combined with sitting and eating places. This goes one step further than a table and a few chairs on your patio. Landscape a portion of your garden, put in some comfortable chairs, some lights, a cover for shade, and maybe an outside kitchen or pizza oven. Now you can live outside in your leisure hours with all the comforts of the inside.

Plant Exotic Blooms

There is a trend towards more tropical plants, many of which are exotic and colorful. California’s climate is ideal for this type of plant. The list of the most popular are:

  • Cannas-blooms range from pale to vibrant-orange to bright red
  • Rose mallows-of the hibiscus family-both hardy and exotic
  • Rose of Sharon-another hibiscus- grows tall and wide
  • Caladiums-known for their broad and lush multicolored leaves-loves the shade

New Trends

Although we are a tree service business, we at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service won’t just advise you on the care of your trees. We offer a comprehensive gardening service. These trends are what a range of gardening services see as some of the coming requests this year based on the likes of people who adore their gardens. For free consultations contact us through our website.