Tree Care in Los Angeles

Signs You Need Emergency Tree Care in Los Angeles

Trees can’t take care of themselves. That is, in a forest or wood trees go through their natural cycle of life and death without the attention of humans, but if you have trees on your property, you should take care of them. Trees have an appeal that brightens up our environment. Sometimes, in urban areas, it is necessary to remove them, but it is better to save them if possible. Diseased and damaged trees are an eyesore and can also be hazardous too. Not only to people but to other trees as well. For that reason, we at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service would like to point out what to look for when it comes to tree care in Los Angeles.

Diseased trees

When trees lose their leaves out of season or they become dry and brittle, the tree is either dead or dying. Quick action by pruning or other treatment may save the tree. Fungi and other strange growths may indicate that your trees are suffering from the disease. Like human contagions, tree diseases can spread from one to another, leaving whole areas with dead trees.

Tree Care in Los Angeles

Storm damage

Some trees can be damaged by the elements. Broken or fallen branches are a testament to that. Unless the roots are damaged, most trees can be saved by cutting the damaged limbs away and letting them grow again.

Leaning trees

Trees do lean in all sorts of directions and that is part of their natural growth, but sometimes there are other causes. Like the previous example, trees may lean because of storm damage. Eventually, the roots won’t be strong enough to hold it upright and it will fall. Those with spreading canopies will become top-heavy. Sometimes perfectly healthy trees are in danger of toppling just because of the angle at which they have grown. If the roots of a tree are 15% out of true or more, consult a tree service.


Another reason trees lean is because of decaying roots. The root system anchors the tree to the earth. If the tree roots are rotten, it needs to be removed. Its weight will make it lean until finally, it will fall. This can cause damage to people, property, and nearby trees.

Trees near power lines

If your tree branches are stretching towards power lines, then they should be pruned and cut back. Electricity can jump into small gaps, especially in wet weather. If it strikes your tree it will damage it. It can also cause power outages. A stricken tree can topple or even burst into flames. Either scenario can mean damage to property or harm to people.

Split trunks

Great gaps on the trunk of your tree indicate that it is probably dead. The inside may have become hollow by rotting away. The outside always survives much longer than the inside of a tree.

Tree care

Above are a few tips about what to look for, but you need to consult an arborist to make sure. If you have any doubts about tree care in Los Angeles don’t hesitate to contact us at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service.