Landscaping in Los Angeles

Top Three Trends for Landscaping in Los Angeles for 2022

Thinking of remodeling your landscaped garden? Or are you thinking about landscaping your garden for the first time? It doesn’t matter which. Starting or tweaking the look of your garden starts with ideas. How do you improve the look and the use of your garden in the coming year? As a company dedicated to the management of gardens and outside properties, we at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service are always looking out for innovations that will please our customers. Because of that, we would like to bounce around some ideas for landscaping in Los Angeles for the next season. We believe that it is a good idea not only to think but also to act, ahead of time so that your outdoor spaces will be displayed in all their glory during the spring and summer months.

The Separation Of Inside And Out

Normally, these are two separate ideas. Your garden and your home are seen as two different entities, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you are landscaping, you love the outside of your house as much as the inside. So, why not merge or combine the two? Instead of just having a simple patio where you put out a table and a few garden chairs, why not build a garden room? Garden rooms are the same idea as a patio but go a bit further. They are usually an extension of your living room, but without building an enclosed extension. In this way, you are making your living environment outside. The area can be open to the sky or covered with a solid roof. If you like the heat of the sun, but not direct sunlight, use a fine mesh. Install some comfy furniture and maybe an outdoor stove. There is a multitude of ideas.

Landscaping in Los Angeles

A Change Of Plants

Living in Los Angeles, you are used to tropical plants. People love them because of their colorful and vibrant blossoms. Don’t pull them out, just add some dark-colored plants as well. Dark foliage plants will give your garden light and dark effect. The dark leaves of these plants will enhance your more colorful blooms. Plant them around your most vibrant flowers and plants and they will set them off because of the dark background. Dark leaved plants also have their beauty and strong colors, so they aren’t merely background for your other plants.

Eating From The Garden

This can also be called edible gardening. To use your garden to the fullest extent you can translate your cooking activities to the outside too. Herb gardens and small vegetable patches near your cooking area are a good idea if you like to cook outdoors. Not only are they convenient, but they enhance the outdoor lifestyle.

Ideas Abound

These are just three simple ideas, but there are more trends in landscaping in Los Angeles for you to explore. We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service would be more than willing to discuss the many ways in which you can improve your landscaped garden. Don’t be shy, if you have any queries or want more information, contact us through our website.