Tree Trimming Service Near Me

The Signs I Have to Find a Tree Trimming Service Near Me

One of the advantages of living in the Los Angeles area is that the city and its surroundings are full of trees. Not many cities around the world can boast this. Trees are not only good for the atmosphere but add a certain feel to your environment. It’s the ‘feel-good factor. That said, those trees also have to be cared for, whether they are on public property or in your backyard. That’s where we come in, the Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service. For that reason, we would like to remind you of the signs you should watch out for when it comes to caring for your trees. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to ask the question ‘how to find a tree trimming service near me?

The Signs

  • Too much shade may mean that the canopy of your trees has become too dense and thick. The shade is wonderful in the hot summer months, but it has a side effect. Canopies that are too dense block sunlight from reaching the ground, which will affect your bushes, plants, and lawn. Grass and flowers may wither and die through lack of sunlight.

Tree Trimming Service Near Me

  • Overgrowth may be a danger to your property or those that use/visit it. Overly-long branches may snap and fall. Falling branches can damage your property, whether it is your lawn, house, or your car. Untrimmed tree limbs can cause problems with your neighbors. Untended tree limbs may cause property damage to others or just cause them an annoyance because of falling leaves or fruit.
  • Too many dead branches found on the ground may indicate that one or more of your trees has a problem or is already dead. A dead and withered tree may fall if it isn’t seen too promptly. Heavy rain or wind storms can damage your trees, so it is a good idea to check your garden after one of these events. Damaged trees can be repaired with enough care to save them.
  • All gardens and green areas contain bugs and insects. This is normal, but if you notice increased insect activity around one particular tree you might have an infestation. Some kinds of pests are known to kill trees. Once they finished with one they will start on another. Fungi is another sign to look out for. Some are benign, but others can damage and eventually kill your trees.
  • The disease also has a devastating effect on trees. The problem is that it moves from tree to tree. If affected limbs aren’t cut or the whole tree isn’t removed quickly, it can destroy the rest of your trees or your neighbors.

Advantages of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming promotes healthy growth. We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service can easily notice such signs and can advise you on the correct course of action. If you have spotted any of the above, you need to find us through searching for a tree trimming service near me. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website for more information.