Tree Service in Los Angeles

What Influences The Cost Of A Tree Service In Los Angeles?

Different factors affect the cost involved in hiring a tree service in Los Angeles. These are usually one-off jobs and trees don’t come in a standardized form. Every tree is different. What you need to be done also makes a difference. The time and effort calculated to finish the work are usually worked out at an hourly rate. Like most contracted services prices are worked out by time vs labor costs. The location of the work is also taken into consideration. This means not only the location of the tree or trees to be worked on but also the area in which the work is to take place, which means transportation costs too. We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service believe that we offer an excellent service at affordable costs.

Average Cost Overview for the Industry

Take tree trimming for example. The mean average for this type of work is around $287.00-$328 for a three-man crew. So, for a 3-4 hour job, you are talking in the region of $700.00-$1,300. Prices vary according to which area of the city of Los Angeles county the work is taking place. Of course, the prices vary with the amount of work to be done, the use of the equipment, and physical access. Each landscaping company has its sliding scale of fees.

Tree Service in Los Angeles

Easy or Difficult?

Job complexity is a big factor in pricing.

Some jobs are basic and easy, which means they can be finished quicker. Less time involved means less layout in terms of costs. Difficult access to the work area may mean the work takes longer. For very high trees the easy solution is to bring a bucket hoist or cherry picker, but that depends on vehicle access. If there isn’t any vehicle access, then a worker has to climb up the tree. The condition of the tree may also be a factor.

Higher Costs

  • The taller the tree is the more it is going to cost to trim, cut, prune or remove.
  • Difficult or no access to heavy equipment may higher the price.
  • Trees that may be in poor condition and may present a danger,
  • Proximity to power or telephone lines.
  • The necessity to use bucket lifts or other heavy equipment.
  • Emergency tree service. Urgent removal.

Lower Costs

  • Smaller and medium-sized trees.
  • Easy access to the tree or trees.
  • Trees that have already fallen and don’t present a danger to people or property.
  • Work that doesn’t call for heavy equipment use.
  • Using a tree service in the off-season.

Our Service

We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service have been offering our tree service in Los Angeles for the past 25 years. It is family-owned and runs a business that has been built up through many years of hard work. We pride ourselves on doing a good job for decent prices. Our service includes more than just tree trimming or removal. We offer a wide range of landscaping solutions, so if you need our services or want more information, please contact us through our website.