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Why You Should Get Garden Advice From a Landscape and Tree Service

About 65 percent of people who planted a garden recently did so because of the pandemic. Some people did so as a hobby to stay busy and others wanted food security for their families. Whatever the reason, planting a garden is a great way to cultivate plants in your own backyard, is a fun way to eat what you grow, and can help make your outdoor space look and feel its best. If you’re overwhelmed with the process and getting started seems too difficult, Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service can help. Our experts can offer a wide range of advice when it comes to creating the perfect garden. Keep reading to find out what advice a landscape and tree service can provide.

Where to Plant

One thing we can give you advice about is where to plant your garden. You will want to consider how much sun a certain part of your yard gets, as well as the amount and quality of the soil. Most vegetables need rich, well-drained soil. We can help you determine which area of your outdoor space would be most suitable for these needs. We can also help you figure out what methods of improving your soil are best and how to ensure that your garden is getting enough water.

Garden Layout

Gardens can be planted in many ways, from raised beds to rows to containers. We can help you decide which method is most appropriate for your outdoor space. We can help you decide what size your garden beds should be and customize their layout, based on the amount of space you have for your garden.

What to Plant

Once you’ve decided where to plant your garden and what it’s going to look like, it’s time to decide what you will put into the soil. We can help with that too. Our experts can offer tips on which vegetables and plants grow best in your soil and which will thrive in your unique garden’s layout and design. We can also give you information about the yield of certain vegetables and when you can expect to harvest what you grow. If you’re growing food to feed your family, our experts can recommend how many of each plant to put into the ground and how far apart to place them.

Planting Tips

Another thing you can count on when you seek out a landscaping service for garden advice is tips on planting. We have a lot of experience with planting and growing and are happy to share it with you. That might be where to put your tomato garden or which plants might need to be thinned and spaced for the best yield. It might also be which flowers, herbs or shrubs will encourage pollination in your garden. Whatever your questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Do You Have a Question For a Landscape and Tree Service

We are here to answer your gardening questions and are happy to share the knowledge and skills we have. If you’re new to gardening or want to switch things up in your outdoor space, we can help. Call Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service today to get started.