commercial tree service in Los Feliz

Landscaping for Your Business by a Commercial Tree Service in Los Feliz

The exterior of your business makes an impression on clients and customers. For that reason, it makes sense to keep it looking its best at all times. However, you might not have the time, tools, or experience to do the job yourself, especially when it comes to maintaining your trees. That’s when a commercial tree service in Los Feliz can help. Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service are here to help you take care of your trees so you won’t have to worry about them. Keep reading to find out what we can do for you.

1. Pruning and Trimming

One of our most common jobs is to trim and the trees on your commercial property. That ensures that dead or damaged branches are removed, which is important for safety reasons. We also trim your trees so they are symmetrical and look appealing. If you have fruit trees on your property, we can prune them so they continue to bear fruit each season, if that’s what you desire. Regular trimming and pruning are important for the health of your trees as well and we can help with that.

2. Tree Removal

If you have a tree or more than one tree that you want to get rid of, we can safely remove them for you. This might be because you don’t like the way the tree looks or because it doesn’t mesh with the rest of your landscaping. Tree removal is also important if you have a dead, dying, or damaged tree. This can be a safety risk and can harm your other trees so getting rid of them is a good idea. Trees that are growing too close to the building or near power lines might also need to be removed.

3. Stump Removal

Often when a tree is removed, the stump is left behind. We can get rid of both the tree and the stump for you. If you have stumps leftover from another removal on your commercial property, we’re happy to remove them for you too. Stumps are unsightly and can ruin the curb appeal of your business. They also pose a safety risk should someone trip over the stump and get injured. Stumps can also attract pests and mold growth so getting rid of them is a good idea.

4. Palm Tree Care

In California, palm trees are everywhere. They require a bit of special care and some special techniques for pruning and trimming. Our technicians are trained to do this job and can help you keep your palm trees healthy and looking their best.

5. Landscape Management

In addition to caring for your trees, we can also help you design and maintain your landscaping. That might be tree trimming or pruning, but we can also help with other aspects of the space so that your trees fit in well with the rest of your landscaping choices.

Call a Commercial Tree Service in Los Feliz

The appearance of your business is the first impression your customers have. You want it to look at good as possible at all times. That’s when it’s time to call Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service. Call today to get started.