Tree Service in Los Angeles

How Our Tree Service Can Keep Your Garden Looking Great

Los Angeles is famous for its magnificent palm trees and luscious green spaces, and with more people turning to gardening during the pandemic, the time might seem right to start thinking about how to introduce more trees into a yard, or how to take care of the ones that are already there. Looking after a tree, particularly one which is quite mature, is no job for an amateur, and many homeowners need to find a reliable and experienced Tree Service in Los Angeles team to help them make their plants look fantastic. Maintaining a yard to help keep the city’s spaces green, as well as ensuring that not everything is concrete in Hollywood, means reaching out to people with the skills and knowledge to keep urban trees in good condition. Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service recommends understanding the importance of trees in LA before talking to any landscaping specialists.

Planting Trees To Enhance The Environment

California is one of the places most likely to suffer with an increasingly warm planet, so it makes sense to try and overcome some of the consequences to the environment by growing more trees. As with everything in LA, it is important that homeowners consider zoning and planning laws before they start, but if small areas such as Redlands can  develop a plan to “Plant more than 12,000 trees”, then there should be no excuse for not greening up the city of LA. Not only do homeowners experience the benefits of having something attractive and green close to their building, but they can also make the tree work to keep your home cool by planting it in a West, South or East direction. Landscape teams can offer advice about the best location for planting trees on a property.

The Advantages Of Planting Trees

Trees are one of the best natural enhancements we have, and they do more than look good when planted close to homes. As noted above, they can help to keep the home cool by providing shade, which in turn helps to lower energy bills. No need to run expensive air conditioning when the tree is doing the cooling already. Not only that but having a number of trees in the street encourages things like walking and bicycling, things that LA residents don’t do nearly enough of. The trees can foster a sense of community, turning estates into village streets. Trees planted around homes and businesses will lower the temperature on the street and improve air and water quality, something that we desperately need.

Tree Care For Existing Plants

For homeowners lucky enough to have an existing tree on their property, it is a good idea to talk to the experts and ask them how best to maintain your trees. For example, palm trees need a great deal of maintenance because they are vulnerable not only to pests such as weevils and termites, but because they can also suffer specific infestations such as beetles and mold. These have been a serious problem for LA palm trees, and a large number of them have been lost due to these infestations. In order to combat these problems, the state has decided to replace the trees with other species, designed to use less water and provide more shade for homes. If there is an infested palm tree on a property, then homeowners will need to call in landscaping teams to take down the tree and deal with the stump. Removing the whole tree is often the only solution to this issue.

Hiring A Tree Service in Los Angeles For Your Property

When the time comes for you to need some help with protecting trees on your property, you need to find an expert landscape team to help you. When you contact Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service, we can help you to decide exactly what you want doing with your plants, including examining your trees for disease and infection. To find out more about how to get an effective tree care program for your garden, you should reach out to our teams today. Simply contact us through our online message form, or ask us about our 24-hour tree trimming service by calling (818) 351-1401 now.