Palm Tree Skinning Los Angeles

Maintain Your Plants With Palm Tree Skinning In Los Angeles

The palm tree is almost as synonymous with LA as Beverly Hills or Hollywood. For decades, they have framed the cityscape of Los Angeles, and they form an integral part of many gardens and sidewalks in the city. However, a lot of these trees have begun to age, and this means that homeowners have to take steps to protect them from damage including pests and infections, that can weaken the tree. One of the things that can be done to enhance the tree and keep it healthy and lively is to ask a local landscape team for palm tree skinning services. Los Angeles residents are recommended by Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service to try to find a quick service to make sure that these palm trees continue to represent the beauty and style of LA.

The Origins Of LA’s Palm Trees

While there is a native palm tree to California, known as the desert fern, the majority of palm trees in LA are actually Mexican palms, transported here by settlers in the 19th century and the early parts of the 20th century. The majority of these trees were planted by the city in the 1930s, as part of the build-up to the 1932 Olympics. This was a valuable initiative during the Great Depression, since it created job opportunities at a difficult time, and as a result more than 40,000 palm trees were planted. Many of these trees, and their descendants, occupy prime positions in LA, and there are “some estimates [that] put the number of palm trees in Los Angeles County alone at more than 100,000”. With so many trees, the majority of them coming to the end of their natural life, it is inevitable that they will need considerable care and attention.

What Is Skinning?

Many palm trees in LA require skinning. This is the removal of dead or damaged fronds from the tree, as well as removing dead parts of the trunk, leaving it smooth and natural looking. This prevents the tree from becoming top-heavy and creates a more traditional looking palm tree. Removing the dead leaves like this also deters insects and disease, ensuring that there is more chance of the tree remaining healthy and alive. This service is normally performed in the Spring, so that the tree is prepared for a fresh growth of plants in the year to come.

Why Is Palm Tree Skinning Los Angeles Important?

There are several reasons why homeowners should have their palm trees skinned each year. Perhaps most importantly, Californian laws require that these trees are kept in good condition, and dead fronds may pose a fire risk which could see the owners in trouble with the local fire departments. Secondly, the dead fronds and jagged trunk could attract a variety of pests, from termites to yellow jackets, which mean that the garden is at risk of becoming an oasis for pests of all kinds. Lastly, palm trees need to be skinned to keep them healthy and attractive. These glorious trees look much better for being trimmed and having dead parts removed, and in fact they could really benefit the garden, making it look much more attractive. The health of the tree is also very important, as it maintains the plant and prevents it from being attacked by mold and disease which can cause the tree to become unstable, posing a risk to the homeowner’s buildings and neighboring properties. Getting the palm skinned is beneficial for both the surrounding environment and the tree itself.

Calling In The Experts

The only solution to treating a palm tree that has been neglected for many years is to call in experienced landscapers who can transform the garden. Transforming the tree into something that suits a garden is best done with the help of those with the skills and knowledge to transform the property, and Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service recommend that you take the advice of professionals in finding the best way to get your palm trees in good condition. Talk to our teams now to discuss caring for your palm trees in LA by sending us an online message, or by calling (818) 351-1401 now.