Palm Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Why Palm Tree Removal in Los Angeles is a Specialist Job

If you have ever tried to remove a palm tree from your property, then you will understand why it needs a team of specialists. It is a tough job that requires a lot of patience. The transplantation of palm trees is also fraught with difficulty. That is why services offering palm tree removal in Los Angeles are so valuable. Removing a palm tree is a lot of hard work, and there are very few people (and companies) willing to put the work in.

The History of Palm Trees

When you take a look around LA and California, you see palm trees dotted around the area. Yet, the only one native to the area is the Washingtonia filifera, which some people call the California palm or the California fan palm. Originally, it used to exist in the Colorado Desert and in select areas of the Mojave Desert. Out the wild, the palm trees would sprout up in deep ravines and hidden areas where water may pool. They would draw water from cooler areas and even some springs. They encouraged life to flourish around them as they provided shade for smaller plants, animals, and birds.

Native Americans used the trees too. They could eat their fruit raw or cooked, and they could dry them out and pound them into flour. The wood was okay for burning once dried, but its fibrous bark and leaves made for great weaving material. They could make everything from the fibers, from sandals to roofs.

Palm Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Why Are Palm Trees Removed?

There are actually several good reasons. Sometimes they are breaking local laws because they are too high. Other times it is because they encroach into another person’s property. The roots can dig deep and wide, which causes damage to roads and paths. Some palm trees rise so high that they threaten power lines. Some people remove palm trees because their presence starts to look threatening during high winds and storms.

What Do Specialists Do?

Even though you are hiring them, they are still responsible if they are breaking the law. They may be acting as agents under your command, but they are still responsible if local or national laws state that certain trees cannot be killed, cut down, or moved. Dealing with a small tree is not so bad. It can be cut down and then dugout. Larger trees need to be cut down in sections and then the roots need to be dug out and cut out of the ground.

When it comes to massive and/or tall trees, there is a slew of health and safety concerns, along with different pieces of equipment needed for the safe removal of the tree. In these circumstances, you may be breaking laws if you attempt it alone. If you are looking for palm tree removal in Los Angeles, then get in touch with the team at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service. They have all the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to safely remove palm trees. You can even have them transplanted to a different area if you require. In addition, Castillo offers good prices and timely removal. Plus, you can have all the roots dug out so that you can plow the area and then plant grass or other trees.