Tree Service in Woodland Hills

Use a Tree Service in Woodland Hills to Clear Brush to Decrease Fire Risk

Use a tree service in woodland hills, you can clear brush and decrease fire risks around your home, apartment, or caravan. Create a barrier between you and the next California wildfire without having to dig a water-filled moat around your property.

Paying the Price for Poor Fire Management

Over the years, places like America and Australia have made some big mistakes with regard to wildfires. Back in the bad old days, wildfires were put out. The material that would have normally burned away was allowed to grow so that upcoming seasons had more dead and alive brushes to burn.

America does a lot of controlled burns these days because it is the best way to get rid of brush material in a safe and efficient manner. Sadly, there are still many unexpected wildfires that cause damage and death as they get out of control.

Tree Service in Woodland Hills

The Problem With Wildfires

On the TV and in movies we see large flames and billowing smoke, but in real life, fire is quiet, fast, and deadly. It can quickly change direction, it can jump from one area to another, it can light and re-light itself, it can even travel underground. It can move without causing smoke, and sometimes it is almost invisible.

Fires can spread quickly and the most deadly fires will flash burn where they subject a small area to great heat while pulling all the breathable air out of the location. They are deadly, but they are avoidable if you protect your home, caravan, mobile home, or apartment. All you have to do is have the brush cleared around your property. Fire may be deadly and fast, but it still has a hard time crossing empty barriers. Having the brush cleared helps create a barrier between your property and wildfire. You can literally sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that fire will not come knocking on your door as you sleep.

Whom Should I Hire?

Your first instinct may be to hire the cheapest person you can find, but this is a mistake. If you are going to get value for money, you need somebody who is going to do a pretty thorough job. There are three schools of poor quality work. There are those who only clear/trim the surface biomatter, which means it grows back very quickly and even more strongly. There are those who spray and drop chemicals, which usually migrate pretty quickly. Then there are those who simply don’t put the work in and leave lots of burnable debris and half-alive plants that regrow in just a few weeks.

You need a team of people who are going to remove the surface biomatter, and then pull and dig up the ground brush. Cutting it down as far as it can go may seem like a good idea, but trimming is far less effective than pulling. When the team pulls, it takes up the roots. When a team simply trims, it leaves all the roots and stalks so that it may regrow. When you search for tree service in woodland hills, consider the team at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service. The seasoned professionals at Castillo will do a good and thorough job so that you get good value for money.