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Landscaping in Los Angeles to Create a Movie Theater in Your Backyard

There are plenty of reasons to hire a service to do landscaping in Los Angeles, and for some reason, a modern motivation for hiring a landscaper is to create a movie theater in people’s back yards. The trend was probably inevitable as digital projector prices continued to fall in price while becoming more powerful. Why bother paying hundreds for a massive TV screen, when you can turn any white wall into your own cinema?

How Big Does It Have To Be?

The choice is yours. If you want, you can paint a wall on your house white and project movies onto there. Alternatively, you can buy a projector stand and set it up in your garden in a shady area. You could even hang a large white sheet from the trees in your garden and project the movie onto there.

Setting up speakers is pretty easy since most modern digital projectors have plug-and-play sockets for speakers. Set them up in areas where they will not get wet or be accosted by pets, and they should be fine. The same goes for any cords that you run from your house. Make sure they cannot get wet and that your pets or kids will not interfere with them.

Digital projectors can be optimized to work on several different screen sizes. What is great is that it doesn’t depend on how far away you are. In the old days, if you wanted a bigger screen, then you placed the projector further away. Nowadays, if you want a screen of different sizes, then you can keep the projector where it is and set it to different screen sizes. The biggest benefit is that the loss in image quality is far lower than in the old days.

Landscaping in Los Angeles

Clearing an Area in Your Garden

It takes a fair amount of planning, but you can use a landscape service to create an area in your garden for your backyard movie theater. Think about how trees and their foliage will affect your view of the screen. Consider positioning your screen where there are no moving objects behind the screen area (like water features or trees with hanging stands/leaves).

You may also need to create a suitable place for people to sit and stand. Are you going to have people sprawled across the grass or a patio area? Are you going to have a seating area there permanently or something that can be moved or set out? Will there be additional lighting, and how will it be installed? Is there any shelter or are you thinking about building some?

Who Can Help You?

There is a certain amount of work you can probably do yourself, especially in the planning phase. The services you hire depend on how many changes you intend to make. If you are making several changes, then Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service will be a big help, especially if parts of trees are in the way. Besides the landscaping in Los Angeles, you may need an electrician for added sockets, though it depends on how large your garden is. Finally, you may need a builder if you want to create shady areas or structures to keep the wind and rain off.