Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tree Removal after Wildfire Damage

As wonderful as living in California is, one constant worry is the seasonal wildfires. Not only are they a danger to life and property, but to your gardens too. It is sad to see the damage these fires leave behind. Plants and flowers can be replanted and will return in full bloom by the next season. Unfortunately, that isn’t the same for trees. Trees of all kinds take such a long time to grow. When they have been killed or damaged by wildfires the only solution is to remove them. We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service are sadly experienced with the duty of tree removal in Los Angeles.

Removal of Fire Damaged Trees

Removal of fire-damaged trees depends on badly burnt they are. If more than half of the trunk is charred and burnt, then it is prudent to have it removed. Burnt roots won’t be able to function properly. They will dry out and become brittle or rot. In this state, their function of anchoring the tree to the soil is impaired and the tree becomes unstable. Unstable trees are in danger of toppling and damaging people or property. One storm or high wind can bring them down.

This is true also for trees that have had their crowns burnt away. Trees that have been pruned or trimmed are able to recover. They use sunlight and moisture to regenerate. Unfortunately, trees that have had their canopy severely damaged and the leaves and branches burnt away can’t recover in the same way as they would normally do after trimming. Burnt branches have been dried out by the heat of the fire and don’t generate moisture.

Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Saving Trees

Some charred or burnt trees can be saved. Cutting away the burnt parts and constant watering will give them to chance to become healthy trees once again. This is possible if the roots have only been scorched and not burnt. If the function of the roots, the tree has a chance. Another result of wildfires is that the soil around the base of the tree gets burnt away. That is another reason trees become unstable and need to be removed. Without sufficient soil at their base, they will start to lean and eventually fall.

The Need for An Inspection

If a wildfire has swept through your area and has left charred and standing trees, they need to be inspected by an experienced arborist to determine whether or not they can be nursed back to health or need removal. Obviously, any leaning or badly damaged tree has to be removed as soon as possible as they can be a danger to your family, the public, or your property. That said, don’t jump the gun and decide on your own. Call in the experts to make an assessment.

The Tree Removers

After over 25 years of being in the business, we at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service have had plenty of experience of tree removal in Los Angeles. We would prefer to save them if we can. If you have problems with your trees and are considering removing them consult us through our website