tree pruning in los angeles

Tree Roots Damaging Swimming Pool? Call LA Tree Service Near You

Many homeowners will admit to looking at their swimming pool and trees around it and wondering what on earth the person who designed the area was thinking. As beautiful as trees can be they can cause too many inconveniences. Our tree removal and pruning services might just be what you need.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have trees near your swimming pool. They are attractive and add the finishing touch to your pool area. And, of course, they’re good for the environment. In fact, tree pruning can be the answer to your solution.

The value of pruning

If you’re trying to estimate the width of a tree’s roots, use the size of its branches as a guide. Tree roots rarely go out further than the ends of the branches. This is not always the case, however, only a rule of thumb. But it is a good indicator of how important regular pruning is when it comes to the trees around a swimming pool. However, it’s best to rely on the knowledge of a service experienced in tree pruning in Los Angeles before deciding.

By cutting trees back each year, you can prevent their roots from spreading out toward your pool. Leaving it until the tree growth is out of control will result in the need for complete removal.

tree pruning in los angeles

Remove or trim?

People might be keen to retain the existing trees around their swimming pools. However, this isn’t always possible. Getting the experts in for advice will guide you on whether you’re going to opt for a total removal or a thorough pruning.

Because of their arboreal knowledge, a tree remover can tell you straight away whether the tree is already causing or has the potential to cause damage to your swimming pool and its plumbing. When the pool’s structural integrity is threatened, you’ll need an urgent remedy. 

Before you plant…

If you’re replacing a tree or planting some around your newly constructed pool, make an informed decision. Find out how big the tree is expected to grow so that you plant it the correct distance from the pool to keep its roots away and prevent it from blocking the light. 

Avoid messy trees that shed pollen, seeds, and leaves as you’ll have to spend a lot more time and effort cleaning your pool. When you leave them lying in the pool, they can cause stains. Additionally, large leaves can clog up your filter and pool cleaner, so trees that produce them should be avoided.

Castillo Landscaping & Tree Service has an excellent reputation as a residential tree trimming service in Los Angeles, and we want to help you ensure that you can enjoy the trees in your garden without worrying about them damaging your pool. 

Call us on (818) 806-0488 so that we can visit you and assess how to manage the balance between the beauty of trees and your pool’s infrastructure. Our experts have years of experience, and we guarantee that we deliver on our promises, while maintaining stringent safety standards for your protection and ours.