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Remodeling an Old House: Call the Tree Removal Service in LA

Buying a so-called fixer-upper or older house can be the start of an adventure as you get to remodel and renovate it. Remodeling is not for the faint-hearted. You only need to watch one of the reality shows featuring renovations to see just how much can go wrong. 

But while those programs focus on the interior, there is work to be done outside as well. Here is some valuable information from a residential tree trimming service in Los Angeles about the trees in your garden and why you need to worry about them.

Trees are messy

While the trees in the garden may be stately and beautiful, they could be damaging your house without you knowing it. One of the first things you should do is establish what species of trees you have in your garden so that you can research them online.

This is even more vital when it comes to trees that are near to the house structure. Their branches should never extend over the roof, no matter how pretty you think it looks. The debris from trees, like leaves, fruit, nuts, and seeds that land on the roof will roll down its pitch into the gutters. This can block the drainpipes when it rains. Instead, the mixture of debris and water lies in the gutters, causing them to rot and leak.

residential tree trimming service in los angeles

Tree roots are destructive

Trees near your house are also doing damage that you might not see until it’s too late. Their roots spread out in search of water and other soil nutrients. In the search for these lifegiving substances, roots will persist and grow against and in between bricks. They can even penetrate and crack concrete slabs.

When a tree is close to your house, its roots will reach the foundations and cause severe harm. Left to continue, they can cause massive structural damage that will cost a lot to repair.

What to do

Residential tree removal in Los Angeles is often undertaken at older homes because they are encroaching upon the structure. While thorough pruning will cut back the branches and could cause the roots to withdraw as well, it might be too late for this strategy to work. Then there is no option but to remove the tree. 

However, get an assessment from a tree feller before you decide. And, regardless of whether you prune or remove, it’s best to use someone experienced to ensure that no harm is done to the house during the process.

At Castillo Landscaping & Tree Service, we want to make sure that your trees are a source of pleasure for you instead of keeping you up at night. Let us help you choose the best way forward for the trees in your garden to keep you and your house safe. Call us on (818) 806-0488 so we can schedule an appointment to see you and offer our expert advice based on years of experience and a guarantee of outstanding workmanship.