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Never Try DIY Tree Removal: LA Tree Removal Experts Answer Why!

Some of the best DIY disaster stories start with the line, “So, this one time, I decided to cut down a tree in my backyard.” And it all goes downhill from there, ending with a phone call to the insurance company or a visit to the emergency room, or worse still, both. 

According to a LA tree removal expert, what looks like a simple enough job is deceptively tricky, and tree removal is best left to the experts. There are so many factors to weigh up when deciding on the approach to cutting down a tree. So, before you grab your chainsaw and head out into your yard, here are some factors to consider:

How LA Tree Removal Impacts Electricity

Working anywhere near power lines is exceptionally hazardous. First, you could damage the power lines and knock out the supply to your house and your neighbors, which will not get you to the top of their Christmas list. When the power supply is reconnected, you’re also going to have some explaining to do about how the lines were damaged in the first place. 

The other danger that powerlines pose is the potential for electrocution. If you, the tree, or a tool touch the power line, you will be the recipient of a potentially deadly shock. Powerlines are weather-proofed, but they are not insulated.

Never Try DIY Tree Removal: LA Tree Removal Experts Answer Why!



The laws of physics, especially gravity, play an important role in tree felling. One miscalculation can cause the tree to land on your roof instead of on the ground. Professional residential tree removal in Los Angeles requires careful planning to ensure minimal damage. 

The outlying factor that can ruin even the best-laid plans is rotten wood. A tree can die from the inside out, so the bark can be concealing an unstable core, which is susceptible to collapse.


As mentioned before, it takes a lot more than a chainsaw to remove a tree successfully. It is a dangerous task and requires precautions, such as safety gear, to prevent or minimize injury. Large trees are felled systematically, with cranes used to remove the topmost branches after they’ve been sawn.

The next challenge is what to do with the tree once it’s been felled. Professional tree removers have a large wood chipping machine that simplifies disposal. People determined to go the DIY route will have to hire the necessary equipment, which is costly.


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