Los Angeles country tree trimming

Transform Your Yard: Los Angeles County Tree Trimming

Los Angeles County tree trimming is more than just removing dead branches from your trees. In fact, regular pruning is good for them and offers other benefits in your outdoor space as well. Here at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service, we specialize in trees and other types of foliage. We can help you keep your trees healthy and looking their best all year round. Check out how regular trimming can completely transform your yard.

Improve the Look of Your Outdoor Space

One of the best reasons to keep your trees trimmed is that it keeps them looking better. You might be surprised at how much better your yard looks when your trees are pruned and shaped. Trimming the trees creates more space beneath for other plants to grow and creates some space between the trees and the house. If you want a shapely and symmetrical design in your yard, pruning the trees is the obvious solution.

Removes Dead, Damaged and Dangerous Branches

Cutting dead or damaged branches from your trees is a safety measure you should consider for your yard. Those branches can fall, which can cause damage to your home or vehicles and poses the risk of serious injury to people if they are in the area when the branch falls. If the branch is diseased, it can infect the rest of the tree, potentially killing the entire thing. By removing any dead, damaged or dangerous branches, you protect your home and family, while also keeping your yard looking its best.

Keeps the Tree Healthy

Los Angeles county tree trimming should be a regular treatment. It is important for keeping your trees healthy. Experts say that pruning your tree’s branches helps it develop better defenses against the elements, including extreme temperatures, wind, rain and snow. It can also boost flower and fruit production, allowing the tree to flourish in your yard. If you notice parts of your tree that aren’t doing as well as others, pruning those parts back helps the rest of the tree maintain its good health. Regular pruning should be part of your regular yard care routine.

How Often Should I Prune My Trees?

This is a good question and one that any responsible homeowner should ask. We recommend letting us trim your trees at least one per year. This is best done during the dormant season. However, there are a few other times when trimming your trees becomes important. If the tree obstructs street signs or visibility for pedestrians and drivers, it needs to be trimmed. If any of the tree’s limbs are in the way of nearby power lines, you have a potentially dangerous situation that we can help you fix. If you’re ever worried that the tree poses a safety hazard or could damage your home or vehicle, it likely needs to be pruned to limit the danger.

Pruning your trees is a job that’s usually best left to the professionals here at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service. When you need our Los Angeles county tree trimming service, call us today or visit us online to get a free estimate.