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Top Landscaping Trends in Pacoima in 2021

If you are landscaping in Pacoima, chances are you want the latest trends to set your yard and garden apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Much like other things, landscaping goes through cycles of what’s in style and what is not, but fortunately, this happens a bit slowly so you can make great changes to your outdoor space this year that will still look and feel good for years to come. Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service is here to help. Here are the top trends in landscaping in 2021.

Vacation Ready Relaxation Space

You can’t spend all your time on vacation, but you can create a relaxing space in your yard that feels like a vacation. You’ll want no fuss plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Think about those that can grow in pots so they are easy to move around and water. In addition, outfit your relaxation space with a sound system, comfortable seating and mood lighting so that it’s always a place you want to spend time.

Repurposed Details

When it comes to landscaping in Pacoima, a big trend is repurposing other items as part of the design of your outdoor space. That might be old shutters, a bird feeder, an antique door or anything else that appeals to you. Surrounding such items with flowers and plants helps incorporate them in a natural way. This idea also works to camouflage parts of your yard that you don’t want to be the focus, such as the compost box, the water meter or the tub that you store your gardening tools inside of. It’s also a good way to join the green revolution, doing your little bit with some recycling/upcycling.

Growing Food

One of the top trends you’ll see this year is growing food as part of your garden and yard design. Many people are repurposing flower beds as gardens, using them to grow tomatoes, zucchini and other foods. While growing a garden isn’t a new trend, incorporating into the style and design of your outdoor space is something you can expect to see more of this year. Using trellises for plants and scattering pots of produce around your space are other easy ways to take advantage of this trend. It’s a great way to make your yard unique, while also getting to enjoy fresh and delicious produce in your kitchen.

Good for the Environment

In 2021, you will definitely see more people choosing landscaping that is beneficial for the environment. That includes plants that are resistant to heat and don’t need a lot of water to thrive. Other trends that you’ll see include improving the soil quality in your yard and choosing plants that encourage insects and animals to pollinate and spread their seeds, such as bees and butterflies. You’ll also likely see an increase in the number of people who are choosing to care for their yards without the use of pesticides and other harmful substances.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the newest trends in landscaping in Pacoima, call Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service today to get started.