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Call Sherman Oaks Tree Service When A Tree Falls On Your Home

When it comes to unexpected things that can happen to your home, having a tree fall on your roof is one of the most damaging and most upsetting! Of course, if you have a number of large trees around your property, you know that there is always the risk of something happening, but it isn’t until a spot of bad weather or a particularly old tree decides to act up that you understand just how crazy it can be!

The best thing you can do is get in touch with a Sherman Oaks tree service when you find yourself in trouble, but there are some tips to follow before getting to that point. With that in mind, here is a helpful list of things to do when a tree falls on your home!

  •       Don’t Panic!

We know it’s hard not to when something heavy has just come through your roof or wall, but the last thing you want to do is panic. Making the scene safe and getting things in order is the way to do it, and you can’t achieve that if you are in a state of stress that prevents you from thinking clearly. Take a breath and try to address the situation from a logical mindset.

  •       Shut Off The Gas

Gas lines are usually buried in and around your home, so if a tree has come down and its roots have been pulled up out of the ground then there might be a leak problem. As a precaution, you should shut off the gas in your home and then give your gas company a call when you have figured the more immediate stuff out. They will want to check whether there has actually been any significant damage to lines.

  •       Take Photos

It might not feel like the most important thing to do, but in the immediate aftermath it is always good to take some photos of what has happened and how everything has landed. This will help you massively down the line when it comes to things like insurance claims, and the same can be said for video as well. As much visual documentation of the site is crucial to making sure that you get everything you are entitled to.

  •       Call In The Pros

Once you have taken photos and turned off gas to ensure safety, the only thing left to do is call in the professionals to get the site sorted. The bigger the tree, the bigger the job, and a good Sherman Oaks tree service will be able to arrive and tackle the problem with all of the experience and expertise of professional landscapers and tree surgeons.

So, once you have done all of that, make sure to get in touch with the team at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service. We are a leading Sherman Oaks tree service and we will do everything to make sure that your life and home returns to normal as soon as possible. We look forward to being able to help and get your tree related issues solved!