tree service business

Reasons You Will Call Our Tree Service Business

The reasons you will call us is because you are having a problem with a tree on your property, or in some cases, with many trees. As beautiful as they are, trees can cause problems in built-up areas. In general, people love to have trees on or around their properties. It adds life to the urban sprawl. Way back when, some of the plots where houses now sit already had trees on them, the houses built between them. In other cases, trees were planted by these new owners.

All of which means that there are plenty of old trees in the southern Californian residential areas, but many have not been attended to properly. In wilderness areas, trees are left to grow, die and fall naturally, but in urban areas it is best to manage them. Dead trees can become safety hazards and live ones can cause different kinds of problems. We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service have been in the tree service business for over 25 years.

tree service business

Tree Removal

Like everything else, trees die of old age and other causes. A dead tree in going to fall eventually. The questions are when and in which direction? The answer is nobody knows. It may fall on your house, your car or one of your family. Also, trees do pick up diseases and pests that can cause their death. If you do spot a dead tree it is best to call a tree service business with experience. Tree removal in urban areas isn’t the same as logging timber. It has to be done very carefully by experts who know what they are doing, so as not to cause damage.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is usually needed for old growth trees whose branches have become extended. Depending on the type of tree, these branches have grown so far out from the trunk that they are in danger of snapping off. This can cause you problems if these branches reach over into your neighbor’s property. Leaves and fruit may fall into their gardens and the branches may cause a nuisance by scraping against the side or roof of their house. Before anyone complains, it is better to call in a tree service business.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the same kind of thing as trimming, but more extensive. Pruning is more of an aid to help keep your trees stay healthy. It can also manage the aesthetic appeal of your trees. It can reshape the growth of your tree if the foliage has become lop-sided. Thinning or removing the crown can retard its growth so that it doesn’t become top heavy.

Tree Service

Our tree service business isn’t just about removing or trimming overgrown trees but is part of an all-round garden management system with the aim of getting the best out of your green areas. This includes lawn and plant care. So, if you are having problems with a tree, or want some landscaping advice, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call us for information.