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Which Tree Species Should You Always Have Removed from Your Garden?

It is always nice to have trees in your garden, especially if you live in an urban area without any quick access to more rural areas. Along with flowers and plants it gives you the sense of having your own little nature reserve, especially when they are in blossom. That’s fine if all your trees are fit and healthy. Sadly, like everything else, trees grow old and die. Unfortunately, those that die can become a hazard. They are liable to rot and fall. They can potentially fall on your house, car or people.  So, the best thing to do is to remove them. There are also trees that aren’t good for your garden and for the health of the rest of your yard, should be removed.Here at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service we can help you with old trees and remove others that may cause you problems, as we are a firm dedicated to tree care in LA.

It is quite easy to plant the wrong kind of tree in your garden because you have done so without sufficient knowledge of the species or you have bought a property that already includes trees, some of which will not be native to the area. Fortunately, that can be remedied by consulting a firm that specializes in tree care in LA. Here is some of the most troublesome trees to avoid or remove if you find them in your yard.

tree care in LA


There are several different types of Gingko, some of which can reach a height of 60 ft. The height alone may cause problems, depending on the location of the tree. These are hardy trees and easy to care for with vibrant colors, but it is the female of the species that you would do well to avoid. The males are fine, but the females drop will drop a messy type of fruit that gives off a horrible smell.


This is a particularly unattractive tree has been described as ugly, short-lived, that is overburdened with horrible seed pods and is insect and disease prone, with invasive roots. All this adds up a tree you would not want in your garden and you will be better off for having them removed.

Silver Maple

It is a tree that is fast growing and the number of seeds it drops makes it spread quickly. It also has a fast growing root system that can play havoc with lawns and lift up patios and pavements. It has the reputation of breaking into water pipes too – this is disruptive to the whole neighborhood if the pipes break. Also, the branches are brittle and fall in high winds. Call a tree care service to have them/it removed.


Above are just three examples of what you may find in your garden. Most trees are planted for decorative purposes without the knowledge of how they will grow or the problems associated with the species. If you do need tree care in LA, feel free to contact us through our website or simply call.