palm tree skinning in Los Angeles

Looking After Los Angeles’ Palm Trees

Southern California is famous for is its palm trees. Every movie or documentary about or set in Los Angeles features these iconic trees. Los Angeles is always identified by them the same as Paris is by the Eiffel Tower. The city is proud of them. They form not only a public presence, but a private one too. Gardens and green areas abound with them. Their look sums up the balmy climate of the West Coast. They have a majestic appearance, but that appearance has to be managed to keep them healthy and within control in this heavily populated urban area. We at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service are proud to say that we are part of that effort to guard the health and safety of these wonderful trees by offering palm tree skinning in Los Angeles.

palm tree skinning in Los Angeles

Thriving Palms

Palm trees are native to the southern Californian region and because they thrive there, many other types of palms have been imported. In fact, palm trees are a kind of evergreen tree and there are over 2,600 species of them. So, they come in all sizes, from the small and dwarf species that are 6-9 ft. in height to the loft giants that can reach 100 ft. The different species can usually be identified by their fronds, which are their leaves. Some have fan shaped and others have feather like fronds. Many species have fiber covered trunks that make them look hairy or spiky. There are palms that are called self-cleaning because they shed their fronds naturally, but others have to be skinned or peeled. Palm tree skinning in Los Angeles has to be done carefully so the tree isn’t damaged. Some will require a hoist because of their great heights.


The fronds of the palms are used by the tree to protect itself from severe cold weather and it is thought by the general public that by removing the remains of the dead fronds that it helps the trees with their growth. It actual fact, palm tree skinning in Los Angeles helps to retard the growth of these palms, which is part of the management of these trees. For the species that don’t shed their fronds this is more of an aesthetic measure that improves the look of these lovely trees. They do tend to look shabby if they are covered dead fronds, especially the ones with the feather like leaves. After this treatment the trunks take on a smooth and elegant appearance. Regular peeling or skinning will also guard against the infestation of pests. Some of these palms harbour termites and nobody wants them to migrate to their homes or other types of trees they may have in their gardens. If you do wish to attempt to skin your own palms make sure it they aren’t the self-shedding kind, because you will damage them.


If you have palms in your garden it is important that you care for them. Skinning them on a regular basis will help keep them healthy. So, contact us through our website or simply call for more information on our service.