Los Angeles county tree trimming

How to Maintain the Health of Your Trees

Having big trees in your outdoor space is a wonderful thing because they enhance your curb appeal and provide shade for your house, which is great in the summer when it gets hot. Keeping your trees healthy is important and as one of the best Los Angeles county tree trimming companies, Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service is here to help. There are some things you can do to keep your trees in good shape and there are some services that we can do to help.

Los Angeles county tree trimming

  • Leave Them Alone

Of course, there are times when your trees will need your attention or you’ll need a professional Los Angeles county tree trimming company to help. However, for the most part, trees are designed to fend for themselves and won’t require a lot of your time or attention. Pay attention to potential issues, but otherwise, your trees will do a good job of taking care of themselves.

  • Be Careful with Digging

Large trees often have a root system that extends for several feet from the base of the tree. For that reason, you’ll need to use caution when digging so that you don’t damage them. If you aren’t sure where it’s safe to dig, contact the professionals, who can help you determine where you can go ahead and where digging might kill your tree.

  • Lay Down Mulch Regularly

You should always have a 1 to 4 inch base of mulch around your trees. This can be wood chips, straw, leaves or other similar materials. Extend the mulch about three feet outward around the tree or until you reach the drip line. This helps keep moisture in the soil for your trees and also helps prevent the growth of weeds, which can suck away moisture that your tree needs to stay healthy.

  • Don’t Water Too Much

Giving your trees too much water isn’t always good for them and can lead to diseases or can even kill them. Unless a tree is less than a couple of years old, you won’t need to water it too often. Many trees are used to dry conditions so giving them too much moisture will cause damage. We can help you figure out a good watering schedule for your trees.

  • Don’t Over Prune

Pruning is important, but too much isn’t healthy for your trees. Most mature trees only need to have dead branches removed and suckers around the base of the tree trimmed. Crowded branches can be thinned out as well. Otherwise, it’s usually best to leave the tree alone, both for its visual appeal and general health.

  • Inspect Your Trees Often

The best way to stay on top of the health of your trees is to inspect them each time the seasons change. If anything concerns you, call the professionals to give you a hand. These consistent inspections allow you to see potential problems before they damage or kill your beloved trees.

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