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How to Protect Tree Service in Woodland Hills during Drought

Drought is a natural phenomenon that exists regularly, and taking safety measures through tree service in woodland hills might help you counter drought. While various steps can be adopted, people are always urged to know which service might best work for them. Depending on the type of your plant, whether perennial or annual, different measures may be adopted. You should consider professional advice as not all people can bring out the best in your trees. For aesthetic and tree firmness, safety measures must be undertaken. The listed are some of the standards focuses that people should always consider when they wish to enhance the longevity of their plants as the drought fairs.

Installation of Thick Mulch

Mulch will always play an essential role in enhancing moisture preservation. If your trees have grown on turf areas, then you need to remove the possible available lawns and consider this adoption. Thick mulch installation might play a vital role in enhancing the longevity and endurance of the harsh high temperatures. The fact that the grass and other existing plants can compete for the limited amount of water demonstrates why this move is essential. For lush growth, turf requires nitrogen fertilizer. This explains why you need to remove all the available turf to eliminate competition for nitrogen fertilizer. After successfully considering this move, you can be sure to witness the plant blooming as the plant thoroughly utilizes the fertilizer.  According to, introduction of mulch to your land can enhance the progressive growth of your plants.

Pruning Tree Canopy

This method has been highly applied to better tree service in woodland hills. One thing about pruning is that it will always promote tree health. Pruning tends to reduce weak branches, diseases as well as excess foliage. Tree canopy is always essential to harbor insects that would easily transmit plant diseases. Infections are among the significant killer of plants during drought seasons. You can improve your plant’s health by simply considering trends that can safely protect your plant from diseases. Tree pruning and trimming are essential, and if you think this, you can always be free from any health hazard. Another common reason why pruning is necessary is that it reduces the amount of water intake from the soil. This is because fewer leaves are left, and thus, water consumption is likely to be reduced. Finally, focusing on this area will generally improve your tree’s appearance.

Tree Service in Woodlands Hills through Soil Injection

This method is highly applicable in promoting tree health during drought seasons and improving weak plants. Non-toxic chemicals are always adopted to bring balance to the nature of the soil. During drought, soil temperatures rise beyond average, automatically affecting the soil matter. Decomposition is easily witnessed during these times, and a high percentage of carbon dioxide will be produced as the end product. The necessary minerals, including nitrate, are likely to be released from the soil. This way, plants are unlikely to survive as nitrates are lost. One can be assured of reinstating the average soil composition through soil injection. Soil injection may also help in promoting soil aeration. Focusing on aeration is likely to reduce toxicity levels in the soil and maintain the right soil PH for plant growth. This way, you can support your plants during drought areas.

tree service in woodland hills


Watering is another common trend that you can adopt to better the plant and ensure its survival during drought. Although this method can be costly if you lack a stable water source, it may be the best way to preserve plants as the temperatures heat up. You also need to consider mulching alongside this method to reduce water consumption. This way, you can ensure that the plant is watered solely to intake the water. Clearing other unnecessary plants might be essential in enhancing limited competition for water. People have maintained their green surroundings in their home area by considering regular watering. Plastics and water bottles may be used to preserve water while it is deeply rooted in the ground. Through this method, you can be guaranteed to establish a strong-rooted system. This will allow small consumption of water, and the plant can still endure drought as time passes by.

You can be assured of enjoying tree service in woodland hills only if you have the proper selection. At Castillo landscape and tree services, you can be assured of finding the best tree services and professional advice. Do not hesitate to contact (818)351-1401 us if you ought to enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier.