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How To Get Rid of Tree Stumps from The Ground

If you’ve got tree stumps in your yard, there are several methods to get rid of the Tree Stumps. Although digging out a tree stump is destructive, the process is relatively simple and effective. The only downside is that getting all the roots out can be challenging if you don’t go deep enough. If you plan on planting new trees over the same spot in your yard, you’ll need to remove all the roots and the stump itself. The following are 5 ways how to get rid of tree stumps from the ground:

Digging Out The Tree Stumps

If the tree was cut in the last year or so, your stump is still relatively fresh, and you want to get rid of it fast, the best thing to do is dig it out. But before you start digging, use a shovel to mark the outline of the stump on the ground. This is especially important if grass grows over the spot where it’s buried. Once you’ve marked off your sides, start digging. 

If you’re using a shovel, go around the whole perimeter of where the stump is and dig out a trench about six inches deep. Then, start digging toward the middle until you hit the stump. After that, take an axe or a saw — depending on what type of tree was there — and cut through any roots holding it in place. Then, use a sledgehammer to break up the stump into smaller pieces that are easier to remove with your hands (or a shovel).

Using An Electric Grinder

Grinders are easy to find at rental centers and can be effective when removing tree stumps. They work by spinning a sharp, circular saw blade at breakneck speeds. This can make quick work of even the most brutal tree stumps and leave you with a nice flat surface. The only real problem with this method is that the stump will probably be hot for quite a long time after it has been removed, so you’ll need to be careful that you don’t burn yourself on it and remember not to use it as a table or chair during that time.

Using An Auger Drill

If you want to get rid of tree stumps on your property, it can seem like a daunting task. If you’ve paid the price of the tree removal service, why not take advantage of their large machinery and get that stump out of the ground right away? Well, it is possible to do this yourself! All you need is an auger drill, which can be rented at any home improvement store. The idea behind this process is to use the auger drill to remove a slice below the stump’s surface, which will cause the tree to rot from within and eventually decay till its death. The key to success is drawing more of the stump’s mass from beneath the surface, so taking your time drilling is essential. Remember that your tree stump might take several weeks or months to succumb to its fate.

Using Chemical Solutions

The easiest way to be successful is by using a chemical solution that will cause the roots to die and keep the tree from growing back. Tree stump chemical solutions are available in most hardware stores. The best part about using a chemical solution is that it’s cheap and easy—the drawbacks come with the slight chance of burns caused by contact with skin and lung irritation after breathing in vapors. 

You can easily protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves and also goggles and save your lungs by wearing a face mask. Once you’re protected from the chemicals, all you need to do is mix up the solution according to the instructions on the bottle and pour it into holes you’ve drilled around the base of the stump. The chemical will kill everything in its path, so ensure you aren’t running it directly onto any other nearby plants or trees.

tree stumps

Using An Excavator or Bobcat Tractor

This is the most efficient way of removing tree stumps because it uses the most horsepower and leverage. It is also the best way for large stumps that are too big for traditional tools. First, dig a pit around the base of the stump. Then cut through its primary roots using an excavator. Make sure to use as much power as possible, and use hydraulic controls, if available, on your excavator for better control over blade depth and angle. Once the primary roots have been severed, remove dirt around the stump with a shovel and pull the stump out using a chain attached to your tractor’s bucket. This method works well for stumps recently cut down but not so well for older stumps that have sunk into the ground more than two feet.

Stump removal is becoming more common for two reasons: first, unsightly stumps risk injury to anybody who happens to be wandering about your property unannounced; second, tree stumps are a common cause of property damage and lawsuits. Beyond that, stumps may foster the growth of an unsightly new tree, draw in pests, and emit an unpleasant odor from decaying roots. The stump removal service offered by Castillo Tree Service is the quickest, most effective, and safest approach to prevent these issues. Our California-licensed experts have seen it all and can solve the problem by combining cutting-edge tools with their extensive industry knowledge. For immediate assistance, call Castillo Tree Service for more information.