tree removal los angeles

Is Tree Removal Always A Job for The Professionals?

If you have a large garden or outdoor space attached to your property, then it might be safe to assume that you have one or two trees dotted around the place. Trees are a beautiful addition to any garden area, but that is only, of course, if you want them there! If you have trees…

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landscaping in los angeles

Transform Your Outside Space With Castillo Landscaping

With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s fair to say that we are all going to be spending more and more time in our gardens and various outdoor spaces. Whilst they might sit somewhat neglected in the winter months, the rest of the year is your garden’s time to shine, and to help…

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Tree trimming in Pacoima

The Benefits Of Tree Trimming In Los Angeles

Anyone who is fortunate enough to have their own backyard or garden space will know just how important it is to maintain it on a regular basis. To get the best out of your outdoor environment, you want to make sure that you keep it prim and proper, and that is even more important when…

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landscaping in Pacoima

Garden Makeover? Employ Professional Landscapers in Pacoima

There are so many reasons for landscaping in Pacoima and the experts at Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service are here to help you get the outdoor space you want. Whether you do some of it yourself or you leave it all to the pros, a landscaped yard looks great and can increase the value of…

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Los Angeles county tree trimming

How to Maintain the Health of Your Trees

Having big trees in your outdoor space is a wonderful thing because they enhance your curb appeal and provide shade for your house, which is great in the summer when it gets hot. Keeping your trees healthy is important and as one of the best Los Angeles county tree trimming companies, Castillo Landscaping and Tree…

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tree care in Pacoima

Tree Care in Pacoima and Beyond

Are you looking for tree care in Southern California that serves, well, all of Southern California? That’s something we take great pride in. So many say they serve “all over Los Angeles,” but then, you find out that it’s actually nowhere near “all over.” We offer tree care in Pacoima, West Hills, Valley Village, Hollywood,…

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palm tree trimming in Los Angeles

Palm Tree Trimming in Los Angeles: Maintaining Paradise

Paradise. That’s what people think of when they see a palm tree. Universally, palm trees are a symbol of summer, joy, and wealth. Warm weather, gentle breezes, vast oceans – the palm tree means all of that and more. Having palm trees on your property makes a powerful statement. However, those palm trees have to…

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